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Paranormal Romance

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Romantic, heart-pounding and brimming with paranormal goodness, this Adult Urban Fantasy book will keep you turning pages deep into the night. Scroll up and One-click your copy today!


When the four horsemen were thrown out of paradise, they landed on Earth in four different places.

Lord Conquest wakes up as the wealthy owner of a ranch,
Money, power and women abound.
What more could a man want?
Except to Conquer the unattainable...
There's only one woman Conquest wants,
and that's Doctor Emma.
A woman whose only concern is serving her small country town.


I grew up in the foster system, so when I started shifting I had no-one to go to.
No help at all. But I've survived. And I'm doing good. Alone.
But then Molly shows up, and like all Fated Mates, she turns my house and my life upside down.
She offers me a refuge from those that are hunting us because we're rare... special. Hybrid shifters.
But it could be too late for us all, the sole-shifters are on our tail, and they're set on wiping us out.
Once and for all. That is... unless my dragon shifter has something to say about it.


I might be one of the most respected Voodoo practitioners in my town, but no amount of magic ever could have prepared me for my friend's unwanted pregnancy.
Desperate to help, I agree to get rid of the baby for her. That is...until I run into the handsome, Alpha-born werewolf Luc Talon. Now I can’t help but wonder if I'm doing the right thing?
But there’s a reason no one in the witch community wants my friend to have this baby…a deadly reason that could throw New Orlean’s paranormal community into chaos.

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